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STMicroelectronics Single Phase Metering ICs | New Product Brief

January 16, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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STMicroelectronics Single Phase Metering ICs

STMicroelectronics family of metering ICs provide high accuracy power and energy measurement in power line systems. The STPM3 family offers up to four independent 2nd order 24-bit ADCs and up to two programmable low noise amplifiers providing power measurement accuracy better than 0.1% and exceeding the AC watt meter standards, with the flexibility of using Rogowski coils, current transformers, or shunt resistors. 

The ICs provide instantaneous voltage and current waveforms, as well as calculations of RMS voltage and current as well as active, reactive, and apparent power and energy.

STPM3 metering ICs are fully programmable over their serial interface and offer under and overvoltage detection, overcurrent detection, programmable LED and interrupt outputs, and a fast, single-point system calibration.

  • Up to four independent 24-bit 2nd order sigma-delta ADCs
  • Up to two programmable gain chopper-stabilized low-noise and low-offset amplifiers
  • Accuracy:
    • Active power: <0.1% error over 5000:1 dynamic range
    • Reactive power: <0.1% error over 10,000:1 dynamic range
  • Exceeds 50-60Hz EN 50470-x, IEC 62053-2x, ANSI12.2x standard requirements for AC watt meters
  • Measurements:
    • Dual-mode apparent energy calculation
    • Instantaneous and averaged power
    • RMS and instantaneous voltage and current
  • Fully programmable:
    • Under and overvoltage detection (sag and swell) and monitoring
    • Overcurrent detection and monitoring
    • Programmable LED and interrupt outputs

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