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Switchcraft DC Power Connectors - BKZ Series | Tech Specs

October 23, 2019 by TTI, Inc

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Switchcraft DC Power Connectors - BKZ Series

The Switchcraft BKZ series connectors have a twist-lock mating mechanism, with slots on the jack to accept wings on the plug that is twist-locked after being fully inserted.

The mechanism offers clear tactile feedback for easy and intuitive operation. The BKZ series can carry up to 5A and has a 250VAC dielectric withstanding voltage rating. It’s offered with two-pin sizes, and the right-angle jacks are available with through-hole, surface-mount, or hybrid mounting styles.

The jacks can also accept standard plugs for broader compatibility, and the connectors are rated for 5000 mating cycles.

  • Twist-lock mating mechanism with slotted jacks and winged plugs
  • Clear tactile feedback for easy and intuitive operation
  • Current (carrying): 5A
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 250VAC for 1 minute
  • Pin diameters: 2.0mm, 2.5mm
  • Right-angle jack styles: through-hole, surface mount, hybrid

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