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TE CONNECTIVITY Mobility Antennas | New Product Brief

July 24, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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TE CONNECTIVITY Mobility Antennas

TE Connectivity’s Hirschmann Mobility Antennas enable connectivity in a wide range of transportation markets, ensuring reliable connectivity for telematics, M2M, IoT, and infotainment applications. 

Hirschmann Mobility offers antenna solutions that cover frequency ranges for Bluetooth, WLAN, cellular from 2G to 5G, Zigbee, analog and digital TV and radio, as well as satellite-based communications. Antennas are available in a variety of mounting styles, including screw, magnetic, embedded, mast, and adhesive mounting designs, allowing for seamless integration into new designs or installation in aftermarket applications. 

They’re also available for interior or exterior mounting, allowing for more flexible placement.  TE Connectivity’s Hirschmann Mobility Antennas are designed to perform reliably in harsh environments, including commercial and off-road vehicles. 

  • Reliable connectivity for transportation applications 
  • Antennas for Bluetooth, WLAN, Cellular, Zigbee, TV, Radio, GNSS, and more 
  • Mounting styles: screw, magnetic, embedded, mast, adhesive 
  • Options for OEM integration and aftermarket installation 
  • Interior or Exterior mounting 
  • Designed for harsh environments including commercial and off-road vehicles 

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