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TE HTU31 Sensors | Tech Specs

August 04, 2021 by TTI, Inc

This episode of Tech Specs is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

TE HTU31 Sensors

The HTU31 humidity & temperature sensor is one of the smallest and most accurate humidity sensors on the market.

This sensor provides a fast response time, precision measurement, low hysteresis, and sustained performance, even when exposed to extreme temperature and humidity environments.

The HTU31 humidity sensor includes both digital and analog versions and has an I2C interface. 

With an application-friendly operating voltage range and a typical power consumption of around 3.78 µW,  the HTU31 is ideal for home appliance, medical, automotive, meteorology, and environmental monitoring applications. 

Finally, the HTU31 humidity and temperature sensor comes in a compact 6-Pin DFN package and is available in small and large volumes to meet the ever-changing customer demands. 

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