There are 1.9 million apps in the Google Play store. Here are 5 great ones for electrical engineers, computer engineers, students, and electronic hobbyists!

Graph 89

A Screenshot of the Graph 89 App from the Google Play Store


As the name would allude, this app is an emulator for a TI-89 calculator. After downloading this app, a ROM image of the TI-89 needs to be obtained. A quick Google search or a visit to TI’s website and this ROM can be downloaded easily. All of the features of the TI-89 such as the CAS functionality and graphing are fully functional. The best part of this app is that it's free! A paid version is available though that allows the user to emulate other calculators such as the Ti-84 and TI Voyager. To download this app you can search the Google Play Store or follow these links: You can download the paid version of the app here, and download the free version of the app here.


Hex Converter Plus

A Screenshot of the Hex Converter Plus App from the Google Play Store


Some engineers deal with hex, binary, and decimal conversions a lot. Having quick access to a tool to convert between numbering systems can be very useful. In addition to engineers, this app can also be beneficial to a lot of electrical and computer engineering students, just don't expect to be allowed to use this on an exam! To download this app head over to the Google Play Store, or there's a short cut here.



A Screenshot of the ElectroDroid App from the Google Play Store


ElectroDroid is a collection of various electronic tools and references packed into a single app. It contains a lot of different tools such as a voltage drop calculator, a resistor color code decoder, LM317 voltage regulator calculator, and the list goes on. Take a look at the complete list on the developer's website. This app is available in a free ad-supported version or a paid version. To download this app you can search the Google Play Store or follow these links: You can download the paid version of the app, ElectroDroid Pro here, and you can download the free version of the app here.

Droid Tesla

A Screenshot of the Droid Tesla App from the Google Play Store


Droid Tesla is a SPICE circuit simulator for your android device! Unlike some of the other SPICE simulators that only support a small number of components, Droid Tesla has a large list ranging from Logic Gates to JFETS. This app is available in two versions. A free version is available that has a limited about of components. A paid version, presently listed at $12.00 USD, contains a wider range of components. To download this app you can search the Google Play Store or follow these links: You can download the paid version of the app, here, and the free version of this app, here.


Adafruit's Circuit Playground

A Screenshot of the Adafruit Circuit Playground App from the Google Play Store


Although geared more towards than enthusiasts than engineers, this paid app contains a handful of tools that can be powerful for many users! This app contains several smaller tools such as a datasheet search, wavelength to color converter, voltage divider calculator, hex/binary/decimal converter, and it also gives the user access to "exclusive deals" from Adafruit. For a complete list of features, and to download the app, go to the Google Play Store or use this shortcut here.




  • fela 2016-04-04

    I am using a lot Droid48 calculator. It is a mulator of the HP 48 scientific calculator, using RPN, which is great to me.

  • Terolero 2016-04-22

    I am quite puzzled why EveryCircuit is not #1 in the list.

    • iv0live 2016-04-22

      I was thinking the same. Anyone one knows advantages of Droid Tesla over EveryCircuit?

  • Microwhizz 2016-04-22

    How about the iPhones?
    Find apps for us too!

  • tranzz4md 2016-04-22

    If youre the type of EE that does power circuit work for architecture, EWP2014 is the best there is for low voltage load calcs etc.  Covers NFPA70-2014.

  • User8192 2016-04-29

    My favorite add-on calculator is RpnCalc, which is a good emulation of the HP 15C scientific pocket calculator, with a few enhancements.  It can also perform decimal-binary-octal-hexidecimal conversions and Boolean operations, so it obviates the need for the Hex Converter Plus.

    Every engineer should also have a units converter calculator in their Android phone.  There are quite few from which to choose, but my current favorite is the free version of the Bosch Converter.