Bridgetek Introduces “Credit Card” Dev Modules for EVE IC Geared Towards Human-Machine Interfaces

October 24, 2018 by Gary Elinoff

Bridgetek recently released a slim "credit card" dev module for its EVE (embedded video engine) IC, the BT81x.

Bridgetek recently released a slim "credit card" dev module for its EVE (embedded video engine) IC, the BT81x.

In a now familiar electronic industry paradigm, Bridgetek has introduced not only a new system-on-a-chip but a development system to facilitate its deployment. The BT816 Embedded Video Engine (EVE), aimed at human-machine interface applications, has now entered volume production.

The VM816C development modules are designed to aid developers in the incorporation of the BT816 graphic controllers into their human-machine interface (HMI) systems.

BT815 and BT816 Graphic Controllers

The BT815 and BT816 EVE graphic controllers are designed to make it easier for engineers with relatively little experience in graphics to build display systems.

Bridgetek states that, by putting many graphics functions in one place, the overall BOM parts count for such systems are smaller and costs and power requirements are decreased, allowing an overall increase in reliability.

The EVE graphic controllers can support display resolutions of up to 800 by 600 pixels with 24-bit true color depth.

The ICs come in two versions:

  • BT815 for capacitive touch control
  • BT816 for resistive touch control

Members of this family of EVE controllers include a separate QSPI port to access external flash memory, freeing up on-board to store images and audio objects and reducing the overall workload of the MCU.

Both the BT815 and BT816 come in 64-pin VQFN packages, and can operate over a full -40°C to 85°C temperature range.


System design diagram of the BT815/6. Image used courtesy of Bridgetek

Typical applications for these ICs can include anything that needs a clear, reliable, smaller display.

Applications include:

  • Point of sales devices
  • Medical devices
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Home appliances
  • Vending machines

VM816 Support Modules

The VM816 development modules provide a hardware and software environment to quickly incorporate the BT816 EVE controller into complete designs.

All versions of the VM816 include a BT816, so designers can access the full capabilities of the EVE controller from a developmental platform without the necessity of providing their own experimental hardware platform early in the design cycle.

There are two basic versions of the BT816:

  • VM816C50 with an SPI interface
  • VM816CU5 with a USB interface

Either version can be ordered with either a five-inch LCD display or with a connector for the user’s own LCD display.

The VM816 is often referred to as the “Credit Card Module” due to its diminutive size: 85.6 mm x 54.1 mm.


The Bridgetek VM816C50A development module. Image used courtesy of Bridgetek


The support modules do not come standard with the necessary power supply, but Bridgetek offers an appropriate 5V, 1A unit as an accessory.​

The BT816 EVE and the VM816C development module are slated to be demoed at electronica 2018 in Munich next month.