Freescale’s new ARM-based QorIQ Multicore Reinvents Fast

June 23, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

Freescale's new ARM-based QorlQ reinvents speed and accessibility.

Freescale's new ARM-based QorlQ reinvents speed and accessibility.

When every consumer-facing device demands internet accessibility, it's vital that network infrastructure is exponentially heftier, faster, and lower-power. It's no longer enough to merely have a fast network built on mesh computing: now, data must hold up to increasing security threats while still being readily accessible to users, which means reinventing the framework of the traditional internet. This intelligent edge is the next evolution of networking, but so far there is little on the market compatible with the concept. Freescale Semiconductor, known for having the industry's broadest networking processor profile, has just announced its new family of multicore processors that anticipate the future of network connectivity. The  QorIQ LS1088A octal and LS1048A quad multicore processors are based on the performance-optimized and power-conscious 64-bit capable ARM Cortex-A53 cores that, when combined with Freescale's second-generation programmable datapath architecture (DPAA2), deliver value and extreme processing power. 

"The QorIQ LS1088A processor pairs our offload datapath with ARM’s most advanced 64-bit capable Cortex-A53 core, providing an excellent balance of low power and high performance, and bringing an advanced architectural solution to the value tier and the intelligent edge," said Tareq Bustami, vice president of Freescale's Digital Networking group.

The two new processors are indeed lightning fast, but also demonstrative of the company's trajectory towards intelligent edge networking, especially since it has just announced the planned integration of Cortex-A72 core, the highest-performance and most advanced ARMv8-A processor core. As the concept of cloud services also becomes a standard of networking, Freescale has also announced its intelligent flexible cloud, a new concept of infrastructure that allows for software and hardware flexibility. Its new processors, when combined with the intelligent cloud, offer a compelling glimpse into a future no longer hindered by wires and boxes managing struggling networks.


SOURCE: Freescale