Nexperia Introduces Its First Integrated 5 V Load Switch to Portfolio

August 21, 2023 by Aaron Carman

Nexperia says its latest power chip has an 85% smaller PCB footprint than alternatives with several discrete components.

Nexperia has introduced a new load switch product family built to make safe power control a simple task. This announcement kicks off Nexperia’s expansion of its analog and logic product portfolio and gives engineers new ways of controlling subsystems in portable electronics with a high-density IC.


Nexperia 5 V load switch

The Nexperia 5 V load switch allows designers to switch loads up to 2 A for more complex power management. Image used courtesy of Nexperia

In its simplest form, a single transistor can be used on the high or low sides to act as a switch. For more advanced applications demanding higher levels of safety and control, however, IC-based load switches can simplify both the BOM and design process. This article takes a look at the inaugural member of Nexperia's new family, the NPS4053, and its value in USB ports/hubs, laptops, docking stations, automotive infotainment, and beyond. 

Safety and Control: Targets of the New Load Switch

The NPS4053 can control a wide range of operating voltages from 2.5 V–5.5 V, making it Nexperia’s first integrated 5 V load switch. The switch itself consists of a 55 mΩ P-channel MOSFET to accomplish high-side switching and contains several built-in features to improve the safety of systems downstream.


The load switch block diagram

The load switch block diagram highlights the ease of controlling loads and monitoring for errors. Image used courtesy of Nexperia

On the output, the load current can be limited from 110 mA to 2.5 A using a single resistor. If the load tries to pull more than the programmed limit, the switch enters constant current mode and lowers the output voltage accordingly. In addition, reverse voltage protection ensures that any voltage spikes at the load cannot propagate backward to compromise any higher-level systems.

The chips’ datasheets show considerable performance curves over temperature and supply voltage. In addition, transient performance for accidental short circuits shows a fast response time for the current limiting. The chip is available both in regular and in AEC Q100-qualified forms, giving designers the ability to use the load switch for more designs.


Simple Integration and Communication

Nexperia designed the NPS4053 with simple integration and communication in mind. From extensive datasheets to application notes, Nexperia has included numerous typical designs and design procedures to get the NPS4053 to work as fast as possible.


The load switch fulfills an important role in the power domain

The load switch fulfills an important role in the power domain by allowing designers to independently control different circuits with an integrated device. Image used courtesy of Nexperia

The device only requires a single output and input pin. Upon any overcurrent, temperature, or voltage-based fault, the chip can immediately alert the controller of the fault. In addition, the controller can immediately deactivate the load using a similar interface.


Compartmentalized Power Domains

The NPS4053 complements the greater analog and logic IC portfolio from Nexperia and offers designers a simple method of identifying faults, designing safeguards, and ensuring that a single power error doesn’t shut down the entire device.

While more complex architectures can provide more detail on power consumption, Nexperia's 5 V load switch solution can provide simple scalability to protect and control any number of loads simultaneously.