ON Semiconductor Announces New SiC-based Hybrid IGBT and Gate Drivers Series Ahead of PCIM 2019

May 02, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

With PCIM 2019 right around the corner, ON Semi has announced the launch of new SiC-based power components.

With PCIM 2019 right around the corner, ON Semi has announced the launch of new SiC-based power components.

The AFGHL50T65SQDC is a hybrid IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) featuring a silicon-based IGBT co-packaged with a SiC (silicon-carbide) Schottky barrier diode. The NCD(V)57000 series of IGBT drivers are high-current, single channel IGBT drivers with high internal galvanic safety isolation.

The AFGHL50T65SQDC Hybrid IGBTL: Cost vs Performance

The device co-packages a silicon-based, field stop IGBT with an SiC Schottky barrier diode. The result is a tradeoff between the lower performance of silicon-based solutions and the higher cost of entirely SiC-based solutions.

For power applications, the performance benefits include low conduction and switching losses, particularly interesting for those applications which benefit from lower reverse recovery losses. ON Semi points out that an example of this may be totem pole-based bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) devices and inverters.


The AFGHL50T65SQDC. Image from ON Semiconductor


The device is rated for 650 V operation and able to handle continuous currents up to 100 A @ 25°C (50 A @ 100°C) as well as pulsed currents up to 200 A. For systems requiring greater current capability, a positive temperature coefficient allows for easy and convenient parallel operation.


The AFGHL50T65SQDC co-packages a silicon-based, field stop IGBT with an SiC Schottky barrier diode. Image from the datasheet


The device is especially useful in automotive applications, because it may be the case that an EV might serve as a source of power, rather than the more usual case where the vehicle only receives power through the charger. In this case of a bi-directional charger, an IGBT with an external SiC diode is significantly more efficient than a MOSFET solution, as there are no associated forward or reverse recovery losses.

ON Semi suggests suitable applications are DC-DC converters, power factor correction (PFC), on- and off-board chargers, industrial inverters, and automotive power systems.

The unit is AEC-Q101 qualified and will be available in a TO-247-3LD package.

Important Features:

  • Maximum junction temperature: TJ = 175°C
  • Positive temperature coefficient for easy parallel operating
  • High current capability
  • Low saturation voltage: VCE(Sat) = 1.6 V (Typ.) with collector current at 50 A
  • Fast switching
  • Tighten parameter distribution
  • No reverse recovery/No forward recovery

The NCD(V)57000 Series of IGBT Drivers

The NCD(V)57000 series are high-current single channel IGBT drivers. Features include complementary inputs, open drain FAULT and Ready outputs, active Miller clamp, DESAT protection and soft turnoff at DESAT. There are separate high and low driver outputs for to facilitate system design.


The NCD57001. Image from ON Semiconductor.


Members of the NCV57xxx series:

Members of this series are available in a wide−body SOIC−16W package.


Other Important Parameters:

  •   High current output (+4/−6 A) at IGBT Miller plateau voltages
  •   Low output impedance for enhanced IGBT driving
  •   Short propagation delays with accurate matching
  •   Soft turn off during IGBT short circuit
  •   IGBT gate clamping during short circuit
  •   IGBT gate active pull down
  •   Tight UVLO thresholds for bias flexibility
  •   Wide bias voltage range including negative VEE2
  •   3.3 V to 5 V input supply voltage
  •   8mm creepage between input and output


NCD(V)57xx series block diagram. Image from the datasheet. Click to enlarge.


  • Designed for AEC−Q100 certification
  • 5000 V Galvanic Isolation (to meet UL1577 requirements)
  • 1200 V Working Voltage (per VDE0884−11 requirements)

Similar IGBT Products

The QID1210006 from Powerex is a module containing two IGBT’s with each transistor having a reverse connected super-fast recovery free-wheel silicon carbide Schottky diode. The device can handle as much as 100 A at 1200 V.

The UCC53x0 from Texas Instruments is a family of single-channel, isolated gate drivers designed to drive IGBTs as well as MOSFETs, SiC MOSFETs, and GaN FETs. Working voltages range from approximately 1 kV to 2 kV.