Renesas Electronics Diminishes Obstacles in IoT and Industrial Markets

June 17, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

The new Renesas Synergy Platform is designed to aid engineers in the race to market.

The new Renesas Synergy Platform is designed to aid engineers in the race to market.

Renesas's new Synergy Platform bills itself as a "game-changing" platform. Perhaps an overused sentiment in the technology arena, but this platform offers some truly intriguing aspects that could significantly reduce the lag between development and release to market. The platform allows for product development to begin at the API level, which diminishes the amount of time engineers must spend on software development. 

“This software-first approach will make developing devices for the IoT, industrial and other markets easier by taking care of the low-level embedded software, real-time event management, secure connectivity, power management, and the robust GUIs needed," says Vin D'Agostino, VP of Renesas' General Purpose Products Unit.

Instead of devoting time to writing software that doesn't affect the end-product when released, with the Synergy Platform engineers can simply begin development. This could also significantly decrease the overhead required with negotiations between hardware and software component manufacturers while allowing engineers to focus on innovation through freed resources. This is especially important for engineers looking to development IoT applications without debilitating costs.

More details can be seen at Renesas' website, which describes the software package, microcontrollers, and kits that accompany the platform.


SOURCE: Renesas