Rohde & Schwarz Releases ‘World’s Most Compact Oscilloscope’

May 17, 2024 by Aaron Carman

In applications where space comes at a premium, Rohde & Schwarz’s newest oscilloscope brings industry-standard performance in a server rack mount.

Rohde & Schwarz has revealed the latest extension of its MXO 5 series, the MXO 5C. The new series, tagged “the world’s most compact oscilloscope,” provides versatility in use cases demanding high-density digitization, such as rack-mounted test beds or automated test solutions. The test solutions' vertical 2U vertical height is just 3.5” or 8.9 cm. 



The MXO 5C series shrinks the MXO 5 series to a 2U package, allowing integration in test racks or spatially constrained test benches. 

While the MXO 5C may not look as flashy as the MXO 5 without the full HD screen, the oscilloscope incorporates nearly the same specs designers have come to expect from Rohde & Schwarz test and measurement products.


Shrinking Space, Not Features

One of the differences between the MXO 5 (datasheet linked) and MXO 5C series (datasheet linked) is its major size reduction, thanks to its lack of screen and external controls. Both the four- and eight-channel versions of the MXO 5C series fit comfortably in a standard 2U rack mount. This allows the scope to be used in a wider variety of situations, from standard bench usage to high-performance, rack-mounted test setups.


The MXO 5C can be integrated directly into a server rack

The MXO 5C can be integrated directly into a server rack for easy incorporation into automated test setups, providing more utility when large scopes are impractical. 

Even though the MXO 5C series is smaller than its predecessors, it doesn’t compromise on features. Compared to the standard MXO 5, the MXO 5C possesses many of the same specs with eight analog channels up to 2 GHz, 4.5 million waveforms per second, and 12-bit ADC resolution (or 18-bit in HD mode). As a result, designers will not have to choose between having a high-performance or a spatially efficient oscilloscope.


Ready for Any Test Bench

While many engineers may prefer an on-device screen, the MXO 5C series' spatial efficiency suits it for applications that would have previously been impossible. Rack-mounted test setups for high-performance automated systems can now leverage the MXO 5C to accomplish all forms of high-speed digitization. Accuracy-dependent fields like physics can likewise benefit from the oscilloscope's high channel density.


The MXO 5C series

The MXO 5C series can interface with a full HD display, providing more versatility to adapt to headless or benchtop applications. 

Many designers have a test bed that cannot support another full-size instrument. With the small MXO 5C, however, designers can easily add the scope to their test setup and configure it as needed. If they still want a screen, users can employ an onboard HDMI and DP with a full HD screen. If users want to control the scope electronically, they can easily access the scope via a LAN connection thanks to the on-device E-ink display, which shows key information, even when the device is powered off.


For Space-Conscious Testing

While it may not be as broadly adopted as the MXO 5 series, MXO 5C series may be especially useful for those needing high-performance test equipment in a space-conscious package. The MXO 5C series is available now from Rohde & Schwarz and other distribution partners in a range of options to meet specific needs.



All images used courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz.