Top Websites to Introduce Your Kids to EE During Summer

July 02, 2015 by Jennifer A. Diffley

Summertime's here! Keep your kids engaged and get them excited about electrical engineering with these fantastic sites.

Summertime's here! Keep your kids engaged and get them excited about electrical engineering with these fantastic sites.

There are plenty of projects for advanced hobbyists and professionals, but we've rounded up some of the best websites for children. These are guaranteed to get your kids excited about creating fun projects and learning about the wide, crazy world of electrical engineering. 

1. EEMe

If you haven't heard of EEMe, you need to check it out immediately. For less than $20, the company will ship an ee project to your house complete with not only the materials needed to build the project, but online tutorials to walk you through the entire process. Plus, the company has a database of online courses and hands-on projects to give parents the resources they need to teach effectively. 

2. Bright Kids World

This site isn't instructional at all, but is useful for finding basic kits and materials for fun projects. They have everything from soda can robot kits to generators and motors. Plus, they've divided inventory by age level to make finding age-appropriate projects a breeze.

3. PBS Kids

PBS is the paradigm for kids' programming, so it should come as no surprise that their site has great projects to introduce children to electrical engineering. While their projects are fun, they are lacking in visual instructions. Don't be deterred by that though: this gives you the opportunity to work with your kid to explore science. 

4. Science Buddies

With a short introduction to what electrical engineers actually do, Science Buddies offers a wide variety of fun projects with in-depth instructions. The coolest part, though, is that you can have your child answer a short survey that will result in projects relevant to your child's interests, meaning less time wasted scrolling through activities your kid will hate. Plus, it has links to the kits and materials in online stores.


5. DiscoverE

This site has a variety of projects, but they also have content directed especially to girls. DiscoverE are the people behind DiscoverE girl day, aimed at getting girls interested in electrical engineering. The company holds events and workshops all over the world and helps professional engineers connect with the younger generation. 


There you have it--now you're armed with all the ammo needed to make your kids' summer truly fantastic--all while learning!