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Ep. 29 | NVIDIA CTO Michael Kagan on the New Age of AI and Supercomputers

Episode #29 / 43:36 / September 07, 2021 by Daniel Bogdanoff
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AI is on the rise in everything from social media to online shopping to insurance. All of it relies on processing power and, increasingly, on the rise of supercomputers.

The advent of AI is forcing us to rethink the way we design hardware and changing the way we think of processing. After all, data-hungry applications are processor-hungry applications. 

In this episode of Moore’s Lobby, Daniel speaks with Michael Kagan, the CTO of NVIDIA, a tech giant and household name in processing. Kagan’s career spans foundational work across Intel, Mellanox, and now NVIDIA as they forge new technologies to enable accelerated compute.

Learn about the three core pillars of data center computing: DPUs, CPUs, and GPUs (spoilers: “GPU” might not mean what you think it means anymore). And learn why compute will soon need to become service-based as the burden of processing shifts increasingly to supercomputers.

And, of course, hear the historic reasons Kagan asserts that “chips without software is just expensive sand.”

You won’t find a more qualified voice on the intersection between processing, compute-hungry applications, and data centers, so don’t miss this episode.


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Meet Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan’s career has combined the concepts of accelerated compute and supercomputers with data center architectures, a combination that is poised to define the coming years of the Information Age.



Kagan studied electrical engineering and computer architecture at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He spent 16 years as a designer and leader at Intel before departing to launch Mellanox, an early driver of modern data center and connectivity technologies. He was the VP of Architecture for Mellanox for over 21 years, 11 of which he also served as CTO.

When NVIDIA completed its acquisition of Mellanox in 2020, Kagan became Chief Technology Officer.