8720A Network Analyzer

Keysight - 8720A

HP Agilent 8720A Microwave Network Analyzer provides both simple and complex vector network measurements in a single integrated instrument. Frequency range covered by the unit is from 130 MHz to 2 0 G H z . This unit includes a built-in integrated synthesized source and switching S-parameter test set. Dynamic range is greater than 85 d B . The 8720A also includes built-in vector accuracy enhancement. Two independent display channels are available. Data can be displayed in log magnitude, linear magnitude, SWR, phase, group delay, polar, real or Smith Chart formats. The HP8720A is completely programmable from an external computer using the HP-IB bus. There is a direct/save feature to an external disk drive.

Frequency: 130 to 20000 MHz

Max Dynamic Range: 85 dBm

Output Power: 10 dBm

Inputs: 2

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