8751A Network Analyzer

Keysight - Baseband, IF and RF

The Keysight 8751A network analyzer is a high-throughput instrument with lab precision that covers 5 Hz to 500 MHz. The Keysight 8751A provides resolution of 0.001 Hz, 0.001 dB, 0.001 degree, and 10 ps for characterizing the linear behavior of either passive or active networks, devices, or components in the lab and the production test areas. The built-in 1.44 MB disk drive is for direct save/recall of instrument state, calibration data, and application programs for your customization. Dedicated 50/75 S-parameter test sets, 50/75 T/R test kits, and the 1 M input adaptors are all available.

Frequency: 0.000005 to 500 MHz

Max Dynamic Range: 0 dBm

Output Power: 0 dBm

Inputs: 2

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