3267 Oscilloscope

Philips - PM 3000 Series

The portable oscilloscope PM3267 combines dual channel and dual time-base facilities with an extensive bandwidth of 100 MHz. It enables signals with a sensitivity of 2mV/div to be measured. A wide choice of display models is available, for example: single channel, two channels alternately or chopped, and two channels added. Both channels can be displayed with 'normal' polarity or 'inverted'. In addition to the main time-base , the instrument also has a delayed time-base facility. With the alternate time-base mode selected, a simultaneous display of the vertical input signal is possible on the main and delayed time-base scales.The instrument operates on an AC supply voltages of 110V, 220V and 240V and a battery voltages of 20-32V.

  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • Operating System: Embedded
  • Form Factor: Benchtop