Keysight - E5262A

Keysight E5262A and E5263A 2ch IV Analyzers are the low cost solution for current-voltage characterization. The E5262A and E5263A support two channels of SMUs (Source/Monitor Units) for voltage/current sourcing and voltage/current measurement with the best in the class current measurement performance as low as 5 pA. The EasyEXPERT group+ GUI based characterization software is furnished and available on your PC to support all the tasks required in the characterization from the measurement setup to the data analysis. Powerful integration of SMU’s versatile measurement capabilities and GUI based characterization software makes the E5262A and E5263A the best solutions for characterization and evaluation of two or three terminal devices such as materials and active/passive components with uncompromised measurement reliability and efficiency.

Max Current Source: 0.2 A

Max Voltage Source: 100 V

Measurement Resolution: 5/100000 pA/n

Power: 0 W

User Manual Datasheet
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