HF-4040 Spectrum Analyzer

Aaronia - Handheld Spectran V3 Series

Aaronia offers a portable RF spectrum analyser range which represents a new price point for such products. The performance and price offered by the SPECTRAN series make it a highly valuable tool for engineers who have only rare requirements for a spectrum analyser. EMC evaluation testing and RF interference can be identified quickly. As well as being lower cost, the SPECTRAN RF units are much smaller, lower power and lighter than other RF spectrum analysers currently available.

Frequency: 100 to 4000 MHz

Real-Time Bandwidth: 0.1 to 50 MHz

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Frequency: 0.009 to 20000 MHz

Real-Time Bandwidth: 88 to 175 MHz

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Real-Time Bandwidth: 88 to 175 MHz

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