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Eduardo has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UFM, Guatemala, and an MSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. He's a full-time professor at Galileo University, Guatemala, where he teaches circuit theory, digital design, computer architecture, assembly and C programming for embedded applications, and a bunch of acronym-named topics: HDLs, FPGAs, AI, ML, MCUs, RTOS. Eduardo is passionate about Electronics, Programming and Online Education, which is why he has developed several online courses for Galileo, edX, Udemy and Lynda/LinkedIn Learning. His main interests are analog, digital design, FPGAs, microcontrollers, soft processors, embedded design, programming, and high-performance computing. Eduardo always strives to avoid procrastinating, in order to get as much work done as possible, despite occasionally failing at it. In his free time, Eduardo enjoys the company of his beloved wife, his talented son, and his two spoiled dogs. Speaking of which, Eduardo is a friend of every Chihuahua out there.

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