This product introduction highlights the Circuit Protection 0AD Series Family of Fuses from Bel Fuse Inc.

Bel Fuse Circuit Protection 0AD Series 

The Bel Fuse 0AD family of fuses are small fuses with very high AC and DC voltage ratings and interrupting ratings. The fuses leverage advanced materials and processing to shrink the fuse size without sacrificing electrical performance or physical integrity.

The 0ADA, 0ADB, and 0ADE series are fast acting fuses that feature a 6.3 x 32mm package, occupying less than one-third the volume of a conventional 10x38mm fuse. The 0ADA series strikes a balance between size, voltage, and current that is suitable for many applications. It’s rated for 600V and up to 12A, with an interrupting rating of 10,000A.

The 0ADB series are designed for high-voltage applications. They’re rated to 1000V and up to 3A, with a 10,000A interrupting rating. The 0ADE series is designed for higher power applications, with current ratings up to 30A at 500V, and a 30,000A interrupting rating.

The 0ADK series are even smaller, with a 5x20mm package that is about 1/8th the volume of a 10x38mm fuse. 0ADK time delay fuses are rated for up to 20 A at 600V AC or 500V DC, with interrupting ratings at 200A and 300A respectively.  Bel Fuse 0AD fuses are UL recognized components and available in cartridge or axial lead variants.

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