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Bourns TBU-CA Series | Tech Specs

June 27, 2019 by TTI, Inc

This series of high-speed protectors protect sensitive electronics against shorts, lightning surges, and other faults.

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Bourns TBU-CA Series

Bourns TBU-CA series high-speed protectors are faster than a newly-licensed teenage driver and protect sensitive electronics against shorts, lightning surges, and other faults. 

The TBU-CA series is MOSFET-based and transitions from the operating state to the protected state in 1 microsecond or less during surge events, and the device will automatically reset once the line falls below the reset voltage. Available products can withstand peak impulses up to 850 volts and continuous overvoltages up to 425 volts RMS.

Designers can select the trigger current appropriate to the application, ranging from 75 to 750 milliamps. The devices are low-capacitance and have low series resistance in the operating state, minimizing the impact to the operating circuit. Bourns TBU-CA series high-speed protectors are rated for operation from negative 55 to positive 125 degrees Celsius.

  • 1µs transition from operating state to protected state
  • Automatically resets below VReset (16V typical)
  • Peak impulse voltage withstand up to 850V
  • Continuous voltage withstand up to 425VRMS
  • Trigger current from 75mA to 750mA
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range

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