GaN Switches Will Dominate the Market

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The presentation covers the Power Integration InnoSwitch3 PowiGaN families of ICs, covering basic operation, features and benefits. We will discuss the PowiGaN products and explain how GaN switches will dominate the market. There are 5 families that already incorporate PowiGaN switches; including InnoSwitch3-CP, EP, Pro, MX and LYTSwitch-6. Each of them have their own unique feature sets, which will be covered in this presentation. We are very excited to share information about the world’s most advanced and highest volume GaN devices in production. We look forward to bring the audience to a new level of understanding about possibilities revealed by PowiGaN.


Key Takeaways

1. Learn the basic operation of InnoSwitch3 PowiGaN ICs

2. Understand PowiGaN features and benefits compared to conventional silicon-based switches

3. Be confident in selecting PowiGaN technology by understanding the excellent reliability achieved by these products already shipping in high volume

4. Understanding that PowiGaN switches are easy-to-use, robust and reliable  



Chris Lee, Director of Product Marketing

Chris Lee is the Director of product marketing at Power Integrations. He joined PI in December 2009. Prior to that, Mr. Lee served as the technical sales director at Akros silicon, an isolated DCDC IC company. His earlier experience includes technical marketing, project management and new product development engineer at MPS Inc., Exar Corporation and Microchip Technology Inc. He holds a BSEE from the University of California, Davis.

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