IEEE-754 Bit Format CF Floating Point Multiplier

IEEE-754 Bit Format CF Floating Point Multiplier


Category: Arithmetic Core

Created: March 13, 2003

Updated: January 27, 2020

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Cores are generated from Confluence; a modern logic design language. Confluence is a simple, yet highly expressive language that compiles into Verilog, VHDL, and C. See Confluent for more info.


The floating point representation follows the IEEE-754 bit format:

{SignBit, Exponent, Mantissa}

Each file is stand-alone and represents a specific configuration.
The 3 configuration parameters are:
- Combinatorial or Pipelined ('c' or 'p')
- Exponent Precision
- Mantissa Precision

Note the total width = 1 + Exponent Precision + Mantissa Precision.
For pipeline configurations, pipeline latency is 4 + Mantissa Precision.

The configuration parameters are coded in the file name.
For example, cf_fp_mul_p_11_52 has the following configuration:
- Pipelined
- 11-Bit Exponent
- 52-Bit Mantissa

Current configurations:
- cf_fp_mul_c_3_4
- cf_fp_mul_p_3_4
- cf_fp_mul_c_5_10
- cf_fp_mul_p_5_10
- cf_fp_mul_c_8_23 (IEEE-754 Single)
- cf_fp_mul_p_8_23 (IEEE-754 Single)
- cf_fp_mul_c_11_52 (IEEE-754 Double)
- cf_fp_mul_p_11_52 (IEEE-754 Double)