OpenRISC 1000 Architecture 32/64-bit RISC/DSP

OpenRISC 1000 Architecture 32/64-bit RISC/DSP


Category: Processor

Created: September 25, 2001

Updated: January 27, 2020

Language: Verilog

Other project properties

Development Status: Stable

Additional info: ASIC proven, Design done, FPGA proven, Specification done

WishBone compliant: Yes

WishBone version: n/a

License: LGPL



The aim of the OpenRISC project is to create a free, open source computing platform available under the GNU (L)GPL license. Platform must be versatile to fit various target applications. Platform is based on three main ingredients:

  • free, open source 32/64-bit RISC/DSP architecture
  • set of free, open source implementations of the architecture
  • complete set of free, open source software development tools, operating systems and software applications/libraries

However the OpenRISC project does not impose any restrictions on third parties to create their own proprietary implementations of the OpenRISC 1000 architecture or port their own software development tools, operating systems and applications to the OpenRISC.

The OpenRISC 1000 architecture is the latest in the development of modern open architectures and the base for a family of 32- and 64-bit RISC/DSP processors. Open architecture allows a spectrum of chip and system implementations at a variety of price/performance points for a range of applications. Designed with emphasis on performance, simplicity, low power consumption, scalability, and versatility, it targets medium and high performance networking, portable, embedded, and automotive applications.


  • Architecture Research & Definition
  • OpenRISC 1200 RISC/DSP Implementation(/project,or1k,openrisc 1200)
  • The GNU Toolchain(/project,or1k,gnu toolchain port)
  • Architectural simulator(/project,or1k,architectural simulator)
  • Operating Systems & Software(/project,or1k,os and sw)

Wishlist (TODO List)

This is what we would like to see developers/contributers help us with, send an email to if you want to contribute.

  • Linux 2.6 port improvements
  • RedHat eCos Port
  • Ports of Commercial Operating Systems (including RTOSes)
  • Ports of Commercial Software Development Tools
  • Port/Optimization of various DSP libraries (G.7xx codecs etc.)
  • Demo Applications using OpenRISC Technology

If you have a suggestion for new Wishlist entry, feel free to send it to