Real Time Audio DSP PCI Card

Real Time Audio DSP PCI Card


Category: Prototype Board

Created: April 19, 2004

Updated: January 27, 2020

Other project properties

Development Status: Planning

WishBone compliant: No

WishBone version: n/a

License: LGPL


Target of this project is development FPGA and/or FPGA powered real time audio DSP applications. This is Free (like freedom) Hardware project, a PCI card with stand-alone possibility, with high-end digital and analog audio interfaces and MIDI. Possible target development areas will be: - Audio effects and delays - Equalizers (or digital audio filters of any type) - Acoustics correction - Digital crossovers (for loudspeaker systems) - Voice recognition - Synthesizers/samplers - Sample rate converters - Jitter attenuation - Mixing - Studio mastering - Audio measurements - Audio streaming (Ethernet, ATM,...) - Geophone and Hydrophone applications - Medical applications - Etc. NOTES - abbreviation FAC2222M is Free Audio Card with 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 2 digital input channels, 2 digital output channels and MIDI in/out interface. Why FPGA based audio DSP? - Classic DSP processors have no (or too few, IMHO) available free software developer tools. - All nonFPGA digital audio implementations (classic DSP and/or PC) have problems with latencies (3ms or more will be hard to tolerate), especially for a number of cascaded processing procedures. FAC2222M card will be PC and/or MIDI controller guided, and PC will not be processing engine. In that case FPGA will give "brute force" to solve problem with latencies. - We know that FPGA will have single or small number of possible DSP functions implemented in same time. That is not real problem if card will be used for testing single VHDL/Verilog DSP implementations. If we provide USB (re)configuration on-the-fly, FPGA small possible DSP capacity drawback will not be that big as we expected. FAC2222M will be reconfigurable piece of hardware, with free (like freedom) firmware and with free source for it, loadable through USB (also). - Why not?


Hardware project Audio DSP PCI Card is still in planning phase. All possible and reasonable suggestions and questions will be greatly appreciated.
Please send them to (cores mailing list).