MAXII-Evalboard VHDL Altera CPLD

MAXII-Evalboard VHDL Altera CPLD


Category: Prototype Board

Created: June 14, 2005

Updated: January 27, 2020

Language: VHDL

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Development Status: Stable

Additional info: Design done

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The MAXII-Evalboard is a small and simple board for learning VHDL und testing the own VHDL-codes on a real CPLD-hardware.
For the first steps the beginner has 4 switches and a 2 digit LED-display to create and test simple functions.
Later the advancer can realize a small graphical display with 10x7 LED-pixel with a time multiplex control and a communication link via a USB-UART-Connection to a PC.
To expand the MAXII-Evalboard with a additionally hardware all pins of the CPLD are routed to pin contact strip.
The MAXII-Evalboard based on the Altera EPM570T100 CPLD and includes the JTAG-programming cable to program the CPLD via the LPT-Port.
The board is powered by the USB-port of the PC.


* Altera EPM570T100 CPLD
* 2-digit LED-matrix display
* 4 user-switches + reset
* Data-connection to PC via USB-UART FTDI FT232BM-chip
* Integrated JTAG-programming cable to LPT-port
* Wire-wrap connector to expand with additionally own hardware
* Power-supply via USB
* 6 MHz quarz clock
* 1 kHz RC-oscillator
* 2-layer PCB 83,2 x 61 mm


The board is in a final state V1.0 and is mostly tested

Following design files are available:
* Protel-design-files
* Gerber-files to order PCBs
* Schematics, PCB-Prints in PDF-format
* Bill of materials

Quartus II design-samples to test the board are coming sonn

IMAGE: MAXII-Evalboard_V1.0_a.jpg

FILE: MAXII-Evalboard_V1.0_a.jpg
DESCRIPTION: MAXII-Evalboard with cables

IMAGE: MAXII-Evalboard_V1.0_b.jpg

FILE: MAXII-Evalboard_V1.0_b.jpg