XPS compatible FSL2 Serial Peripheral

XPS compatible FSL2 Serial Peripheral


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Created: April 12, 2007

Updated: January 27, 2020

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The FSL2Serial peripheral is an XPS peripheral designed to allow a processor (or other piece of hardware) to send data to a UART via an FSL bus. This peripheral was originally designed for use with the OpenFire processor core, as that core originally had no OPB support so it could not use Xilinx's opb_uartlite peripheral.


- Download the fsl2serial_v1_00_a folder from the CVS repository.
- Place this folder in your pcores directory (if you are using XPS).
- Open XPS (must re-open if it was already open) and instantiate the peripheral.
- Set peripheral parameters and attach peripheral to the slave end of an FSL bus.

Sample code for using on your microprocessor is available in the code/ directory.


- FSL Support
- The peripheral is designed as an FSL slave that requires the FSL bus to be hooked up to it.
- The FSL control wires are exposed at the top level, allowing other uses of the input.
- Included UART core
- The included soft-UART core serves to provide the UART output.
- XPS compatible
- Drop the project folder into your pcores directory and you can instance it in XPS.
- MPD and PAO files as well as the directory structure are already generated.


- 22 MAR 07 - Completed code examples for using the FSL2Serial from a processor.
- 23 AUG 07 - Finally uploaded source, etc, to CVS repository.