CCITT Group 4 (TIFF) Lossless Compression

CCITT Group 4 (TIFF) Lossless Compression


Category: Video Controller

Created: November 28, 2013

Updated: January 27, 2020

Language: VHDL

Other project properties

Development Status: Stable

Additional info: Design done, FPGA proven

WishBone compliant: No

WishBone version: n/a

License: LGPL


This project considers a hardware implementation of the CCITT group 4(also known as fax4 or tiff) compression algorithm written in vhdl. The design as it is available compresses camera data into tiff format and transmits over RS232 to a graphical client application developed in C++,Qt that stores the received tiff stream into a file and displays the image. The design is developed and tested on the Digilent Nexys2-1200(spartan-3E) and Atlys(spartan-6) board in combination with the Aptina MT9D131 Image Sensor Headboard.

Future extensions: Region of interest coding and change coding.