ROSETTA Configurable Dot Matrix Display Controller

ROSETTA Configurable Dot Matrix Display Controller


Category: Video Controller

Created: June 08, 2006

Updated: January 27, 2020

Language: Other

Other project properties

Development Status: Planning

Additional info: Specification done

WishBone compliant: Yes

WishBone version: n/a

License: GPL


The ROSETTA Configurable Dot Matrix Display Controller core provides a modular expandable interface for any dimension displays build from LEDs dot matrix structures. This core can be configured for synthesis and P&R with any number of DM LEDs slices. These slices can be arranged in any number to form linear or plane screens.
In designs with a big number of slices, the number of pins required for the implementation device selected could collapse. In order to overcome this inconvenience, the output bus has a multiplexed structure, and the size of the display can be expanded using external buffer devices.

In limited size implementations, the display columns could optionally be serviced using the controller chip drivers, if a device with enough driving capability is used. On the other hand, the row lines will always need some external buffering.


- WISHBONE interface in 8,16, 32 or 64-bit data bus modes
- SystemC, Verilog and VHDL languages
- Use of Dot Matrix LEDs Display structures.
- Configurable for single color, RG or RGB LEDs use
- Operation Modes: Test, Full Text, Full Graphics, Mixed Text & Graphics, Animation
- Scroll: Horizontal, Vertical and Combined
- Colors: configurable from monochromatic to any number of colors
- Variable Buffer size
- Modular expansion


- Development of SystemC specification and system level model