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Coilcraft 0805HP Series Inductors

Coilcraft 0805HP Series Inductors are wirewound inductors that offer the highest Q factors in the 0805 case size for frequencies up to 3 GHz. The wirewound construction provides the highest possible self-resonance frequencies, with self-resonance occurring at up to 9.5 GHz. Twenty-three inductance values are available, from 2.6 nH to 820 nH, with most values available with 2% tolerance and all available with 5% tolerance. The 0805HP series also offers very low DC resistance, as low as 15 mΩ, allowing the inductors to be used in high current applications. The high Q, high current handling, and small size make the 0805HP series of inductors ideal for applications such as mobile communications, RF receivers, filters, and matching networks. 

  • Highest Q factors in 0805 case size
  • Self-resonance up to 9.5 GHz
  • Inductance values: 2.6 nH to 820 nH
  • Tolerance: 2% for 11 nH and above, 5% for all values
  • DCR as low as 15 mΩ
  • IRMS up to 2.0 A

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