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American Bright ezyLED | Digital Datasheet

September 20, 2018 by All About Circuits

American Bright's ezyLED shrinks LED system designs by removing the need for external passives and integrates a driver IC, allowing it to be directly connected to a 12 V or 24 V supply.

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American Bright's ezyLED

American Bright’s ezyLED shrinks and simplifies LED system designs. The ezyLED requires no external passives and integrates a driver IC, allowing it to be directly connected to a 12 V or 24 V supply. This approach offers many practical benefits to the designer and user, besides the design simplification.

The integrated driver actively manages the current through the LED, keeping the device within its operating temperature range to increase reliability and ensure a long product life, and because each ezyLED is independently driven, increasing light output is as easy as placing LEDs in parallel.

The driver also has a wide input voltage range: 10.5 V to 24 V for the 12 V ezyLED and 22.5 V to 36 V for the 24 ezyLED. This ensures consistent LED current, light output, and color temperature even if the power supply’s voltage fluctuates or varies from its nominal voltage.

With no external passives, the design cycle is easier and faster. There’s no need to validate different passives and there are fewer components to save the trouble of managing additional long lead time components. This also results in less component shadowing.

American Bright’s ezyLED are available in multiple colors and brightness levels in a 3030 package. They’re designed for use in automotive applications, including exterior signals and interior lighting, as well as indoor and outdoor applications. To learn more, visit

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