AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their data sheets.

American Bright E-Paper 

American Bright E-Paper products offer high visibility, a wide viewing angle, and low power consumption with a wide variety of sizes and connectivity options. From small E-Tags to large E-Displays, American Bright E-Paper products are bistable displays which allows the image to be retained on the display without consuming power, resulting in much longer battery life. It also makes them easily readable in sunlight and causes less eye fatigue than LCDs.

American Bright E-Tags are available in 2.9” and 5.65” versions with either monochrome or red-white-black display options, and they’re ideal for electronic shelf labels in retail stores, grocery stores, warehouses, and for electronic luggage tags. An available network gateway and software or Bluetooth connection allow you to securely update E-Tags.

American Bright E-Notepads are available in 6.8”, 10.3”, and 13.3” monochrome displays and can be used as an e-reader, information display, or for note-taking0.. They can also be used in applications such as electronic forms for patient information and electronic check-sheets used in manufacturing. E-Notepads allow for instant access to the cloud for downloading and uploading data, and they also offer IP66 and IK06 ratings for use in outdoor and rugged environments.

American Bright’s 32” E-Display options include 4-bit RGB color or monochrome displays.

E-Displays operate from a 12 V power supply or rechargeable battery. These larger displays are ideal for indoor and outdoor venues, with examples including arrival and departure schedules at transportation centers, wall displays in museums, and menu displays at restaurants. Visit the product page for more information.


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