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Intelligent Memory DRAM | Digital Datasheet

March 27, 2023 by All About Circuits

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.


Intelligent Memory DRAM

Intelligent Memory provides advanced and legacy DRAM components and modules for the industrial and embedded memory markets.

Longevity roadmaps are a cornerstone of OUR offer.

Our DDR3 high-density 8 Giga bit products feature a comprehensive product range in multiple configurations. In terms of data width, we offer by 4, by 8, by16 with a speed capability of up to 2133 megabits per second. Both 1 chip select and 2 chip select, as well as the industrial temperature are available.

In addition to the DDR3, IM also delivers a range of DDR4 products. For example, our DDR4 8-giga-bit device products to meet industrial high-reliability application requirements. Both by 8 and by 16 with commercial and industrial temperatures are currently available on the market.

To accommodate industry demands, Intelligent Memory’s DDR4 and the new DDR5 modules offer multiple configurations, including unbuffered DIMMs, Small outlined DIMMs, Registered DIMMs for high-reliability applications.

Our exceptionally-designed DRAM products provide industry-leading performance and reliability. This is demonstrated in our 16 gigabit by 16 DDR3 products that provide two chip selects and are available for both commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

All of our modules are designed and tested in-house. In addition, our extensive support guarantees and a locked bill of materials provide the confidence needed when developing new products.

For more information about Intelligent Memory's DRAM Component Lineup & DRAM MODULES FROM INTELLIGENT MEMORY, visit Intelligent Memory.


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