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Intelligent Memory NAND Flash | Digital Datasheet

March 27, 2023 by All About Circuits

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.



Intelligent Memory NAND Flash

Intelligent Memory is a leading provider of high-quality managed NAND Flash solutions.

Intelligent Memory supports multiple interfaces and form factors, including BGA components, embedded SSDs, and removable media.

Intelligent Memory’s NAND Flash is classified in three family categories; Emerald, Ruby, and Silver. Emerald provides the highest level of endurance. The Ruby family provides a combination balance of capacity and endurance, while the Silver family offers the highest capacity and best cost per Gigabyte. 

These NAND flash products meet the demanding requirements of industrial environments and can be customized to meet various application requirements.

All IM Flash products are supported by our all-in-one tool which includes a workload generation, live performance evaluation, lifetime monitoring, and more.

For more information, visit Intelligent Memory.


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