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AMETEK Programmable Power’s Sorensen™ DC ASA Series | AAC Digital Datasheet

July 07, 2021 by AMETEK Programmable Power

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.

AMETEK Programmable Power’s Sorensen™ DC ASA Series

AMETEK Programmable Power’s Sorensen™ DC ASA series is the newest addition to the Asterion® platform of power testing solutions. The new ASA series features up to three independent, isolated, extended wide-range 600W channels in a 1U high chassis for up to 1800W of output power.

The auto-ranging power supplies feature an expanded current and voltage range at the full output power level, allowing the user to satisfy a wider testing range without requiring additional models. The Asterion DC ASA series offers complete remote programming and control through the Virtual Panels™ GUI and intuitive front panel touch screen operation. With this, multi-channel programmable sequencing, ramps, and delays can be accomplished by quickly accessing output programming parameters, measurements, configuration, and system settings from the touch screen interface.

Finally, the Asterion DC ASA Series can be controlled via standard LXI Ethernet, USB, and RS232 control interfaces, as well as through an optional GPIB and EtherCAT control interface.

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