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Amphenol HSD Connectors

Amphenol’s HSD connectors are fully shielded connectors that are built for use with shielded twist quad cabling in LVDS cameras, USB, and other high-speed digital interfaces. The connectors are available in multiple colors with different connector keying to facilitate fast, correct installation. The housing features a self-aligning feature and high retention force between the die-cast connector and plastic housing, and primary and secondary locks provide high cable retention force. Cable side connectors are designed for automated crimping, and the connectors can be reflow soldered, supporting pin-in-paste processes. Cable assemblies are available from 1/2-7 meters long for connections throughout the vehicle. The connectors are USCAR-2 compliant and are compatible with competing products.

  • Multiple colors/keying options facilitate installation
  • Insertion funnel protection provides self-aligning feature molded into housings
  • Enhanced 2.5x retention force
  • Suitable for automated assembly
  • 500mm to 7000mm standard cable assemblies
  • USCAR-2 compliant design

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