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Digi XBee 3 ZigBee 3.0 RF Modules

Digi International’s XBee3 ZigBee 3.0 RF modules are small, efficient, and secure modules that offer programmability to create smart IoT nodes. The module eliminates the need for a separate MCU and allows developers to write application code using MicroPython, with multiple analog and digital I/Os available. This is isolated from the protocol stack to ensure reliable networking performance and allows data to be processed at the end node, conserving power and bandwidth by only transmitting actionable data. The modules can be easily configured and deployed, with each providing a range up to 2 miles, and they’re secured by Digi’s TrustFence technology. The XBee 3 is one-third the size of the standard XBee SMT module, measuring just 13 mm by 19 mm.

  • Create smart end nodes and low-end gateways using MicroPython
  • Wireless software isolation from application code protects networking performance
  • Conserve power/bandwidth by processing data at the end node
  • Range: up to 4000 ft (standard), 2 miles (PRO)
  • Digi Trustfence Secured
  • 13 mm by 19 mm, one-third the size of XBee SMT

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