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ISI BGA Reballing

ISI offers BGA reballing that includes removing the lead-free solder balls, then attaching eutectic tin-lead solder balls or other special solder ball alloys. ISI’s reballing process is tailored to each part and has been audited and approved by several Tier 1 defense suppliers. It includes incoming and outgoing quality inspections, high accuracy tooling for reballing, cleaning, and optical inspection, and customer specified packaging and optional part marking. This saves you from needing to stockpile your leaded BGAs or redesign your product in response to a change to lead-free packaging.

  • Removal of lead-free (RoHS) solder balls
  • Attach Sn63Pb37 or other special solder ball alloys
  • Utilizes high accuracy assembly tooling for ball placement
  • Audited/approved for production by Tier 1 defense suppliers
  • Part marking available per customer specifications on request
  • Packaging: either customer supplied, JEDEC trays or tape and reel per EIA-481

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