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Knowles StackiCap™ Surface Mount MLC Capacitors | Tech Specs

December 21, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Knowles StackiCap™ Surface Mount MLC Capacitors

StackiCap Surface Mount MLCCs feature a unique patented construction and Knowles’ FlexiCap terminations to deliver high CV in compact packages. 

The capacitors can replace film or tantalum capacitors to reduce weight and PCB area in applications such as power supplies or resonance tank and snubber circuits. StackiCap MLCCs are offered in case sizes from 1812 to 3640 covering capacitance values up to 5.6 microfarads and voltage ratings up to 2000 volts, with additional sizes in development. 

The capacitors have an X7R dielectric for stable operation up to 125 degrees Celisus, and AEC-Q200 qualified variants are available. 

  • Patented construction combined with FlexiCap™ terminations 
  • Class-leading volumetric efficiency and CV per unit mass 
  • Replaces film, tantalum, or conventional stacked products 
  • Range: 1812 to 3640 case size, up to 5.6µF, up to 2kV 
  • Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance: ±15% from -55˚C to +125˚C 
  • AEC-Q200 qualification available on select part numbers 

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