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Knowles FlexiCap™ MLC Capacitors | Tech Specs

December 18, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Knowles FlexiCap™ MLC Capacitors

Knowle’s FlexiCap technology can help your MLCCs tolerate much greater flexing before mechanical cracking occurs. 

This flexibility also allows the capacitors to be thermal cycled over 1,000 times without cracking. FlexiCap MLCCs have a flexible epoxy polymer termination material applied beneath the standard nickel barrier finish and has no adverse effect on electrical performance. 

Knowles offers a huge range of MLCCs with FlexiCap technology, including AEC-Q200 options as well as capacitors for high reliability, high voltage, high temperature, and many more applications. 

  • Withstands a greater level of mechanical stress before mechanical cracking occurs 
  • Supports over 1000 thermal cycles (-55°C to +125°C) without cracking 
  • Flexible epoxy polymer termination material beneath standard nickel barrier finish 
  • No adverse impact to electrical parameters or operation 
  • Available for: high reliability, standard and high voltage, open mode and tandem 
  • Available for: safety certified, non-magnetic, 3 terminal EMI, X2Y, C0G, X7R, X8R 

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