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Kyocera SLD Laser LaserLight SMDs | New Product Brief

February 13, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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Kyocera SLD Laser LaserLight SMDs

The Kyocera SLD Laser LaserLight SMDs are high luminance, white laser light emitters in a compact 7 millimeter SMD format. 

These LaserLights feature 450 to 1000 lumen luminous output, a 120 degree viewing angle, and 1000 to 1300 mega-candela per square meter luminance range.

The LaserLight SMDs enable ultra-long beam distances, narrow beam angles less than 2 to 3 degrees, and small optic sizes. 

The SLD Laser LaserLight SMD series includes white laser light emitters optimized for stable efficacy versus drive power,  models with increased lumen per watt and operating temperature, and options for infrared emission. 

These Laserlights are well-suited for automotive, outdoor and portable, search and rescue, and security applications.

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