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Littelfuse AF0100 Arc Flash Relay | Tech Specs

December 04, 2019 by TTI, Inc

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Littelfuse AF0100 Arc Flash Relay

Littelfuse AF0100 Arc-Flash relays use remote light sensors to detect arc flashes much faster than using current measurement alone. 

A quick response is essential to ensure personnel safety and protect against equipment damage. The relays have two sensor inputs and can use point sensors and fiber optic sensors in any combination for flexible coverage.

You can adjust the light sensitivity for optimal operation in bright and dark environments. The relays also have two isolated form-C contacts for tripping multiple devices. Sensor health is continuously monitored to ensure fail-safe protection.

The AF0100 series can also be linked to other AF0100 or AF0500 units to form a larger protection system.

  • Light sensing typically provides faster arc-flash detection than current measurement alone
  • Dual sensor inputs: supports PGA-LS10 Point Sensor, PGA-LS20/PGA-LS30 Fiber-Optic Sensor
  • Adjustable light sensitivity: allows operation in bright environments and maximum sensitivity in dark environments
  • 2x isolated Form-C contacts to trip multiple devices
  • Fail-safe system: continuous monitoring of optical sensors and inputs ensures protection
  • Discrete wire networking: Link multiple AF0100/AF0500 units to form a system

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