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Maxim MAXREFDES155 DeepCover Security Reference Design

Maxim’s MAXREFDES155 is a reference design that demonstrates embedded security from a protected sensor node to the cloud for IoT devices. The kit includes an IR thermal sensor and the MAXREFDES155 mbed shield and uses the DS2476 DeepCover Secure Coprocessor and DS28C36 DeepCover secure authenticator for its crytpographic functions. 

The kit demonstrates authentication and control of sensing node without secure-key storage memory on the processor and with low-overhead for signed data communication. The reference design is an ideal starting point for IoT applications requiring node authentication, securely updating device configuration data, and protection from device counterfeiting.

  • MAXREFDES155 Shield
    • DS2476 DeepCover ECDSA/SHA-2 coprocessor
    • WiFi Network Processor
    • Arduino® form-factor shield connector
    • Requires mbed base board (MAX32600MBED)
  • IR Laser-Sensor Module
    • DS28C36 DeepCover Secure Authenticator

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