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Microchip MPLAB Code Coverage | New Product Brief

May 14, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Microchip MPLAB Code Coverage

Microchip Technology MPLAB Code Coverage works with MPLAB X IDE and provides developers easy-to-use code coverage testing and tools.  

MPLAB Code Coverage runs untethered and self-contained on the target MCU, eliminating the need for additional cabling or hardware modifications. It also has minimum impact to program memory and execution speed, permitting full analysis in a single execution pass and avoiding the cost of expensive test hardware. 

The tool integrates with MPLAB X IDE to read the results and highlight source code lines to indicate whether they were executed or not, with navigation tools to quickly move through files and functions. Configurable summary views provide a quick indication of key metrics, and reports can be customized to satisfy quality process requirements and other documentation needs.  

MPLAB Code Coverage is a cost-effective tool that works with any MPLAB XC compiler and is easier to use and provides better performance than competitor solutions. 

  • Runs untethered 
    • No bulky cables or fragile wires 
    • No hardware modifications needed 
  • Minimal Impact to Program Memory and Execution Speed 
  • Fully Integrated into MPLAB X IDE 
    • Source code lines highlighted to show execution status 
  • Flexible Reporting 
    • Configurable summary view 
    • Custom reports 
  • Cost-Effective 
    • Better performance and a simpler solution at a fraction of the cost of competitor offerings 

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