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MICROCHIP SAM 32-Bit Microcontrollers | New Product Brief

July 24, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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MICROCHIP SAM 32-Bit Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology’s SAM E5 series of MCUs offer enhanced security and integrated connectivity for industrial automation, automotive applications, and other devices using wired connectivity. 

The SAM E5 series is based on an Arm Cortex-M4F operating at 120MHz and is available with a 100Mbps Ethernet MAC and Dual CAN-FD 1.0 controllers. The MCUs offer extensive security functions, including a Public Key Cryptographic Controller and True Random Number Generator. 

The SAM E5 series has user-configurable tightly coupled memory with up to 1MB of dual-panel flash and 256KB of multi-port SRAM, both with ECC, as well as a QSPI interface that supports execute in place. 

This is complemented by a wide range of analog and digital peripherals, as well as multiple power modes for efficient operation. 

  • Core: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4F with Single Precision FPU 
  • Connectivity: 10/100 Ethernet MAC 
    • Optional dual Bosch CAN-FD 1.0 controllers 
  • Security: AES and ECC Encryption, PUKCC, TRNG, memory integrity checker 
  • Memory: up to 1MB dual-panel flash, 256KB multi-port SRAM (both with ECC) 
    • QSPI with XIP support 
  • Peripherals: 
    • 256-channel touch controller 
    • Up to 2 SDHC 
    • Dual 1MSPS 12-bit ADCs and DACs 
  • Power: 65µA/MHz Active + 5 lower power modes 

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