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MICROCHIP Multi-Power over Ethernet (mPoE) | New Product Brief

April 08, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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MICROCHIP Multi-Power over Ethernet (mPoE)

Microchip Technology Multi-Power over Ethernet supports multiple PoE standards concurrently, making it the ideal solution to power any Ethernet-based network device seamlessly and efficiently. Microchip’s Multi-Power over Ethernet (mPoE) supports all IEEE PoE standards and is backwards compatible with pre-standard devices, enabling flexible quick network design upgrades to address any business requirement.

This provides the scalability and interoperability needed to power growing IoT networks now and in the future. Microchip’s portfolio consists of PoE power sourcing equipment ICs that can be designed into switches, gateways, and other PoE source equipment. 

PoE-powered device ICs can be designed into 2-pair and 4-pair PoE PDs such as access point, 5G small cells, and IP phones, and standalone PoE systems such as injectors and switches.

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