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Molex High Current Universal Clamp Terminal Blocks

Like oil and water, aluminum and copper don’t mix, but Molex High-Current, Universal Clamp Terminal Blocks let you terminate aluminum and copper wires without worrying about oxidation and high contact resistance.  The terminal blocks have tin plated aluminum contacts that can connect to either aluminum or copper without oxidizing, and a partition wall on the cover acts as a barrier to prevent contact between the bare wires The terminal blocks are available with a current rating up to 380 A, a voltage rating up to 1000 V, and a wide operating temperature range, making them ideal for demanding applications such as railway, motor drives, commercial vehicles, control panels, and photovoltaic systems.  To ensure reliability, the products have been short circuit tested to EN 61238-1.  For application and design flexibility, Molex High-Current, Universal Clamp terminal blocks are available with DIN Rail or screw mounting and in single or three-pole versions.

  • Terminate copper-to-copper, aluminum--to-aluminum, and copper-to-aluminum
  • Tin-plated aluminum contacts
  • Partition wall in cover prevents conductor contact, oxidation
  • Current ratings up to 380 A, voltage rating up to 1000 V
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • Short-circuit tested to EN 61238-1:2003

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