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Phoenix Contact TDPT Twin Design Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact’s TDPT Twin Design PCB Terminal Blocks are available with identical sizing, pinning, and PCB footprint with push-in spring connections or screw connections.  Now you can offer both termination styles without changing your PCB layout or your enclosure, easily adapting to traditional screw connections or vibration-proof push-in spring terminations. The TDPT family can be used in many applications as it can handle wire ranges from 24AWG to 6AWG, with ratings up to 58 amps and 600 volts UL. Terminal blocks are offered with 2 to 12 positions and pitches from 5.08 millimeters to 10.16 millimeters.  

  • Two termination options, screw or spring
  • Same footprint and dimensions
  • Range: 24AWG and 6AWG
  • Ratings up to 58 A and 600 V UL
  • 2 to 12 positions
  • Pitch: 5.08 mm, 6.35 mm, 10.16 mm

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