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Phoenix Contact Quint Power Supply

Phoenix Contact QUINT Power supplies are pre-configured for active signal monitoring and can be configured with analog, digital and relay contacts, making it easy for customers to adjust power signaling thresholds, characteristic curves, and other significant parameters.  

The QUINT power supplies also offer function monitoring to prevent errors before they occur, and a run-time clock for predictive maintenance. QUINT power supplies offer two types of boost to address expanded power needs without adding or replacing supplies.  

Static boost allows continuous operation at up to 125% of nominal current, while dynamic boost doubles the current for up to 5 seconds to start inductive loads. QUINT supplies also have selective fuse breaking technology, which provides a quick pulse up to 6 times the rated current that will trip the thermal magnetic breaker of a short-circuited load and allow parallel loads to continue operating normally.  

The QUINT power supply also features both a metal oxide varistor (MOV) and gas discharge tube (GDT) providing more surge protection to the device.

  • Passive customizable configuration abilities for application specific needs
  • Analog, digital, and relay contacts for remote and real-time monitoring
  • 5-second dynamic boost to drive heavy start-up loads
  • Coordinated surge protection with MOV and GDT

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