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Phoenix Contact PCB Connectors with SKEDD Technology

Phoenix Contact’s SDC 2.5 and SDDC 1.5 PCB connectors with SKEDD plug-in technology plug directly into the PCB, with split, flexible contacts that mate to plated through holes on the PCB and form a gas-tight connection, eliminating not only the header but also the soldering process. The push-in spring connections allow for fast wiring and easy wire removal. Locking pins on the side of the connector provide a mechanically stable connection to the PCB. Phoenix Contact PCB connectors with SKEDD technology offer up to 32 positions and ratings up to 12A at 300V.

  • Direct plug-in technology to the PCB
  • Cost-effective design with only one component
  • Eliminates soldering process
  • Expanding locking pins provide mechanical stability
  • Up to 32 positions
  • Up to 12A at 300V

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